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Private Sessions – Tutoring

2 hour ‘New Puppy’ Tutoring Package

New Puppy? SO Exciting….. but – Do you need to know how to stop the biting, chewing, jumping or how to get the ‘potty thing’ fixed? What brand of food to feed and how much exercise is enough?? Why do they get the ‘zoomies’ every day at the same time, and what to do about it? Need to get things under control before they get OUT of control?

Then THIS is your solution!

Our two hour Tutoring Package will instantly help you and your family gain an improved understanding of basic to complex ‘new puppy’ questions. We give you peace of mind, direction and answers to questions. We personalize solutions to situations and give you safe behaviors and rules that are critical to implement right away. We have the answers and will ease your new puppy anxiety.


  • Info on what tools and equipment every dog home should have
  • How to potty train quickly and effectively
  • Rules and regulations – living in harmony with you and children
  • Old pet / New pet – introductions and living together
  • Responsibilities – yours, your family’s and your dogs’
  • Chewing and teething – helping your pup through this stage
  • Playing and Games – proper and improper games for optimum, appropriate future behaviors
  • Written handouts
  • Follow up phone or e-mail support

2 hour ‘Life Skills & Leadership’ Tutoring Package

Did you get a new dog and lack experience, or are fed up with the antics of your current dog? Does everyone in your family have their own ideas about how training should work? Have additional dogs been added to your pack, and now they need to learn the rules in your home? Do you need to know what those rules should be? It is absolutely critical that dogs view their humans as the top solution to the madness and stress of your daily lives!

Take back control of your life with your dog. We easily teach you to be the Leader your dog looks to for direction and information. Imagine your dog being polite at mealtimes; waiting to go through doors or up the stairs; lying down and staying quietly when told.

Our ‘Life Skills & Leadership’ Tutoring Package teaches you how to stop the insanity. We immediately put rules and management into place and replace existing chaos with improved and new behaviors. No bribing with food, no repeating commands, no begging, just the benefit of improved communication and direction. Create a balanced state of mind for both you and your dog. A clear-cut, quality, step-by-step, results driven tutoring session.

We address:

  • Leadership Skills and exercises
  • Short term management techniques
  • Teaching ‘calm’
  • Impulse control techniques
  • Understanding communication between humans & dogs
  • Written handouts
  • 4 Commands and what to do with them: ‘sit’ / ‘down’ / ‘stay’ / ‘wait’
  • Follow up phone or e-mail support

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