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Group Classes-Public School

Private school is not for everyone. That’s why we have Public School!

Group classes are another great educational option for humans and their dogs. Think you are alone in having difficulty teaching your dog, and need some ‘peer’ encouragement? In Group classes, you and your dog will not only learn obedience skills, but also how and when to use them in your daily life. The commands taught will be useful in social situations, in conjunction with life skills, when communicating with your dog, and for maintaining your leadership position. Group classes help teach the dog to understand and obey his owners expectations, even in exciting or distracting situations.

1. Our 7 Week ‘Basic Obedience’ Group Class: A very beneficial and inclusive 7 week class for beginning pups or dogs and their owners, who have not had any, or had very little training education. We use proven and consistent training techniques for dogs and puppies ages 3+ months of age. Your focus will be on basic training skills and what and how to use these skills to have a calm and obedient dog. Homework handouts are included, and help you apply the lessons to your daily life, including:

  • ‘sit’
  • ‘relax’
  • ‘down’
  • ‘stay’
  • ‘no pulling on leash’
  • ‘introduction to come’
  • ‘leave it’
  • proper greetings

… and more. You will also learn how to implement management and behavioral cures for potty training, biting, jumping, mouthing, chewing or other issues you may be experiencing. Canine Maintenance Care is part of the 7 week semester, including grooming, nutrition, exercise, selecting appropriate toys, local vets, pet stores, daycare and more! Question & Answer period offered every week.

2. Intermediate ‘Continuing Education’ Group Class: Once you and your dog get past learning the basic skills, keep the momentum going by enrolling in the Intermediate ‘Continuing Education’ class. For people who are serious about continuing to improve on their dogs’ skills, get ready to graduate to the next level. We build on the skills taught in the ‘Basic Obedience’ class, and add the 3 D’s – ‘Distance, Distraction and Duration’ for more reliability with all of the learned commands. We also add some ‘polishing touches’ that will make you and your dog look like a professionally trained team!

Commands include:

  • Building on distance and duration of commands from ‘Basic Obedience’ – Group class +
  • ‘Wait’
  • ‘Come Front’
  • ‘Finish’ (left and right)
  • Emergency Recall (Come)
  • and more

Make your friends, family and neighbors envious of your skills with your well behaved dog!

3. Specialty Group Classes – Electives We offer a variety of ‘Elective’ classes that encourage you to build your relationship with your dog, and at the same time have fun! These classes are scheduled at various intervals, so if you are interested, please let us know! Learn about:

  • Tricks and/or Games class
  • K9 Nosework Skills
  • Fun with Rally-Obedience
  • Fun with Agility

4. Therapy Dog/Canine Good Citizen Certification Semester ‘Finishing School’ – Obtain your ‘Therapy Dog Certification’ as well as the ‘Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certification’. This Prep Class with ‘Finishing Touches’ will show the world how awesome you and your dog have become. We help you prepare to pass both of these two prestigious tests, and will help make people smile. Both tests are offered at the end of the 5 week class (on the 6th week). Having your dog so well behaved and approachable will also make people wish that YOUR dog was theirs! Don’t just leave him on the couch now! Go out, show off your skills!  Give back, by doing therapy work!

Dogs will become familiar with wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, loud and unpredictable noises and other distractions. All aspects of both classes are taught, discussed and prepared for, including Therapy Dog visits, responsibility of the facility, your responsibility, insurance and much more.

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