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Dog Socialization

Puppy Socials – Puppies 18 weeks and YOUNGER:

All animals have an optimum time period in which to learn about the world around them. For dogs, that age is from birth to about 5 months.

This window of opportunity does not lend itself a ‘go back and re-do’. If your puppy does not learn about proper coping and life skills in this time frame, he may never learn them and will always be uncomfortable in certain situations.

Puppies under 18 weeks of age, who have had the first of the three part Distemper (DHPP) vaccination series and are up to date with de-worming, may attend our weekly Puppy Socialization Sessions. You must bring proof of vaccination and de-worming to the first Social that you attend. The cost of each weekly social is only $20.00 cash.

The main activities of Puppy Social is supervised play with other puppies to learn about bite inhibition, play styles of other breeds of puppies, and to see and know the differences in people, while socializing with all of them. While puppies are playing, owners are seated but encouraged to ask questions and initiate discussions with the Trainer about topics that are of interest to them!

Supervised socialization sessions give your puppy a head start in life, before, during and in conjunction with obedience classes! Since each puppy’s breed, background and living situation are different, so no two Puppy Socials are the same!

Sessions start at 6:45 PM, and run until approximately 8:00 PM every Wednesday evening. Please call ahead before attending your first session for planning purposes. Sorry, but currently there is a two person MAXIMUM per puppy!

Come join us and give your puppy the gift of learning about the world around him with early socialization, in a safe and educational environment.

Sunday Socials

“The importance of socialization remains after the puppy socialization classes have ended.”

“The issue goes deeper than simply learning how to behave around other dogs. Regular socialization gives dogs the opportunity to exist in their most natural state: in the company of other dogs. This is incredibly therapeutic for dogs, lowering their overall stress level as well as lowering stress specifically related to other dogs. In addition it has been proven effective (in conjunction with obedience training) for reducing or eliminating certain types of aggression.”

(Chad Mackin – A+ Dog Obedience)

‘Sunday Socials’ are held once a month on designated Sundays (see our Calendar page for the next scheduled Sunday Social). They are 30 minute, owner participation social sessions, providing exercise, socialization and confidence building! These sessions are not for dogs with aggression issues, rather, they are offered to dogs needing to get some off-leash exercise and confidence building with their humans.

Adolescent and Large(er) dogs start at 10:15 AM

Small, Shy and/or Nervous dogs start at 11:00 AM

We offer two separate sessions – one for adolescent and larger dogs; the other for small, shy, nervous and non-reactive dogs.

Please call ahead to reserve your spot, and to receive the Registration form. In order to participate, you must:

  • You must show proof of vaccinations, submit Registration form, pay $20 per session fee (cash only).
  • You enter the building with your dog on leash into ‘Social area’.
  • Participants will continually walk as directed, on leash, until the trainer instructs you to remove your leash.
  • There is no food, toys or treats allowed during sessions.
  • Once told to remove your leash, you must keep moving. If a dog (yours or another) comes to you for attention, you may acknowledge it, but must continuously move with the group.
  • Two people per dog maximum.
  • Sorry – no children under 16 years of age.

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